All classrooms at CARE are adapted to suit the needs of our learners, including their sensory and communicative needs as well as their need for structure in an environment that is functionally organised according to daily activities. At CARE, we follow a low-stimulus, low-arousal approach which means that there are no unnecessary visual stimuli that could distract or overwhelm learners. Learners with autism benefit from clearly demarcated areas for learning, mealtimes and activities of daily living. Our classrooms are spacious, uncluttered and easy to navigate.


The outdoor play spaces at CARE provide learners with ample opportunity to use larger muscles during play with climbing, running, jumping, sliding and many other activities taking place. Learning takes place through kinaesthetic means as the learners use their bodies to explore the environment. Social and cause-and-effect games are also important and take place during break times. Our state-of-the-art playground equipment allows for great fun and maximal movement.

Therapy Areas

CARE has dedicated therapeutic spaces where speech and occupational therapists provide individual and group therapy sessions. These environments have been adapted to get the best out of our learners and to ensure that they are fully engaged. We work on various developmental areas through structured activities and graded therapeutic input.

Gross Motor Room

The gross motor room features specialised movement equipment to attend to our learners’ sensory needs. Our therapists use the space to work on gross motor movements, improve coordination, strengthen muscles and encourage fun games aimed at improving motor development. Learners love coming into this space and it is a central aspect of our school. We believe in providing adequate sensory input so that learners are well-modulated and better able to learn. This is a cornerstone of CARE’s autism intervention approach.

Swimming Pool

Swimming lessons at CARE are fun and functional. They allow learners to use their bodies in a coordinated way, provide essential safety lessons and also give learners an opportunity to have fun in the pool! Many children with autism are drawn to water and love their time in the pool. For those who are more hesitant, we take time to desensitise them and ensure that swimming is a fun experience. Our trained swimming instructors provide weekly lessons during the warmer months.


For many of our older learners, gardening is an enjoyable goal-directed activity. It teaches them how to complete sequences, cause-and-effect thinking and patience, and provides them with a functional skill. In addition to providing a good exercise opportunity, it is also deeply rewarding for our learners to see the fruits of their labours!

Situated in Orange Grove, C.A.R.E is within easy reach of most of Greater Johannesburg. It is fully secured and under guard during school hours.

Classrooms, Playgrounds, Therapy area, Gross Motor room, Swimming Pool & Garden:

Awesome place and people who support both parents and kids with they own unique and special journey… 5 stars

Koveshni Naidoo

It is the ideal environment for an autistic child to grow and nuture. My son loves it here.

Antoinette du Toit

Awesome school with amazing people making sure our kids get to fit in this Big outside world.

Zuleka Knoetze

Today was CARE’s annual concert. There were so many awesome things about it but most most most significant was the staff. They were amazing! Well done CARE. The ENTIRE staff compliment numbering over 30, including even the driver motivated the kids from below the stage. They alllllll danced all the class routines and cheered the kids so much. Was so amazing to be a part of. It’s very apparent that they love all the kids to bits and are super dedicated.

Fatima Peer

You manage to continiously unleash hidden potential from our kids and bring the best out of them.

Many thanks to you and the entire CARE team for the classy production this morning. The concert was out of this world👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽..absolutely amazing.

Your perseverance, consistency, care, dedication and diligence is much appreciated.

My daughter has been attending C.A.R.E. since September 2011, and continues to develop in leaps and bounds.


My son has flourished at CARE. He is able to communicate, read, write and socialize. He has found the joy and sparkle in life once again. If this is not proof that the work done by the CARE school is invaluable, I don’t know what is.


I am delighted I changed my daughter from the previous school to C.A.R.E. The amount of improvement is tremendous, especially her speech development.


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