Rozanna Riback, a passionate Occupational Therapist, founded CARE in June 2011 to fulfill her dream of creating a holistic intervention center dedicated to the therapeutic and developmental needs of children with autism. With her extensive experience and expertise in occupational therapy, Rozanna recognised the need for a safe and nurturing environment where children with autism could receive comprehensive and individualised care.

CARE is much more than a school or treatment facility; it is a safe haven for children with autism to feel comfortable, cared for, accepted, and empowered. At CARE, we believe in the ethos of “different, not less” and strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where children with autism can thrive. Our team of highly qualified professionals is dedicated to providing a range of services and interventions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each child.

Our holistic approach to therapy includes occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, play therapy, and sensory integration therapy. We also provide academic and life skills training, as well as vocational and career guidance to help our students develop their potential and achieve their goals.

At CARE, we place great emphasis on building strong partnerships with families and the community. We believe that a collaborative approach to therapy is essential in achieving the best possible outcomes for children with autism. We work closely with parents, caregivers, and educators to ensure that our interventions are consistent and effective across all environments.

CARE is a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment where children with autism can flourish and reach their full potential. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our students and their families and strive to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for the wider community.

At CARE, they are passionate about teaching our extraordinary kids to do ordinary things


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our team



Occupational Therapist & Director
BSc in Occupational Therapy

CARE founder, Rozanna has a BSc in Occupational Therapy from the University of Witwatersrand, with extensive experience acquired in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. She has treated both adult and paediatric patients in various settings, including medical and educational. After a short hiatus from Occupational Therapy during which she joined the corporate world and completed a business degree, Rozanna opened CARE where she has discovered her passion and lifelong vocation.

Rozanna brings her extensive experience working with special needs learners to overseeing and coordinating the therapy and educational activities at CARE. She is joined by a team of highly-trained Speech and Occupational Therapists, Educators and Classroom Assistants to offer your child the best possible intervention.

Every member of the CARE team is there for each of our learners, as well as for their parents.



Principal & Therapy Director
BSc in Occupational Therapy, MSc in child health and neurodevelopment (current), BA in fine arts Hons

Jackie Paterson is an Occupational Therapist. She has a special interest in neurodevelopmental delay, specifically  autism spectrum disorder and has completed extensive post graduate training in this field.  She is currently completing her MSC in child health and neurodevelopment and a post graduate diploma in sensory integration.  She is a Makaton Regional Tutor as well as a Tutor for Autism Centred Education. Jackie’s interest and care for neurodivergent people stemmed from her mother’s influence, the late Prof Lorna Jacklin, as well as her post school experience  au-pairing a toddler with autism spectrum disorder.

Jackie qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2010 and completed her community service at Alexandra CHC. Thereafter she moved to Johannesburg School for Autism, formerly Johannesburg Hospital School. She left Johannesburg Autism School in 2016 and started a private practise in the south of Johannesburg, where she has continued to work with autistic children and young people. In August 2020 Jackie moved from private practise to Therapy Director and Principal at the Centre for Autism Support and Education, Johannesburg.



OT & Vocational Manager
BSc BA Psychology & Linguistics

Lindi is passionate about Occupational Therapy and working with children on the Autism spectrum. She has been working at CARE for 10years. Prior to that, she completed her clinical training and worked at various General & psychiatric hospitals (3 in Venda and 4 in Johannesburg and Pretoria). In her field of work, she grew to acknowledge the significance of independent skills training as well as functional integration into the workplace and community. This inspired her to complete her BA Psychology & Linguistics at Wits in 2022. She did her research in behaviours and emotional development of siblings of children with Autism. The program has allowed her to understand the importance of the social function of language and how this can be applied in the workplace and home environment. Cognitive psychology has allowed her to understand various challenging behaviours and how they can be better understood by others.

Lindi was appointed as the vocational manager in 2022 and she heads up the senior and vocational unit. She intends to complete her Masters in the field of psychology/linguistics.



Head Educator
BEd Honours in Education. Makaton Tutor License. Makaton Charity UK. Assessor certificate. ETPD SETA

Khonzani is a highly experienced and qualified professional in the field of special needs education, with more than 13 years of teaching experience. During his career, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of working with students with diverse learning needs and abilities, and has developed a range of effective strategies and approaches to support their learning and development.

One of Khonzani’s most significant achievements was his role in training more than a thousand professionals, including educators and therapists, for the Gauteng department of education in 2016-2017. This training focused on inclusive education and unlocking autism courses under the Center for Deaf studies, Wits University. As a lead trainer, Khonzani was responsible for developing and delivering high-quality training programs that were tailored to the specific needs of the participants, and that provided them with the skills and knowledge they needed to better support students with special needs in their classrooms and clinics.

Khonzani’s work as a trainer did not stop there. He also trains hundreds of professionals and parents in Autism courses and Inclusive Education for the Center for Deaf studies, Wits University. His expertise in the field of special needs education has made him a sought-after speaker and trainer at conferences and events, both locally and internationally. He is known for his engaging and interactive training sessions, which are designed to help participants build practical skills and knowledge that they can apply immediately in their work with students with special needs.

Overall, Khonzani’s contributions to the field of special needs education have been significant and far-reaching. His expertise, dedication, and passion for supporting the learning and development of students with diverse needs have made a real difference in the lives of countless students, educators, and families over the years. He is truly a leader and role model in the field, and his work is an inspiration to all who are committed to creating more inclusive and supportive learning environments for students with special needs.