Admissions Process

CARE requires each prospective learner to undergo an initial screening to determine whether he or she is a suitable candidate for admission. If the child is suitable for admission, he or she will attend CARE for a ten-day observation and assessment period. After the observation period is completed, CARE provides a comprehensive oral and written evaluation which covers the key developmental areas that have been assessed and considers an intervention plan.


In order to apply, candidates must

  • be between 18 months and 12 years of age
  • have a primary diagnosis of autism
  • be toilet trained if over the age of five years
  • have cognitive functioning within the normal-moderate intellectual impairment range
  • be educable within a group setting
  • have full family involvement (the family unit is as much a part of the CARE programme as the learner)

Additional criteria apply for learners between the ages of seven and 12.

  • He or she must be suitable for specialised-education centre placement.
  • He or she should not be more suitably placed in a mainstream or remedial environment.
  • He or she should be able to benefit from a skills-based curriculum working from an individualised education development programme or IEDP.


18 months to six (and turning seven) years
School fees* R7 900 per month over 12 months
Therapy fees** Medical-aid rates. Therapy is an essential part of the intervention programme. These fees are charged at medical aid rates and do not form part of the monthly school fees.
Four weekly (individual and group) sessions of speech therapy and occupational therapy

Seven years and up
School fees* R8 900 per month over 12 months
Therapy fees** Medical-aid rates
Four weekly (individual and group) sessions of speech therapy and occupational therapy

*A portion of school fees is tax deductible and there is a tax benefit for educational expenses relating to special-needs schooling. Click to download SARS Disability Form

** Depending on your plan benefits, therapy fees may be reimbursed by your medical aid.

School Calendar

CARE follows a four-term school calendar. We close for end-of-term holidays and are also closed on public holidays.


Term 1

Starts: Wednesday, 15th January
Ends: Tuesday, 17th March

Term 2
Starts: Tuesday, 14th April
Ends: Friday, 31st July

Term 3
Starts: Monday, 17th August
Ends: Friday, 25th September

Term 4
Starts: Tuesday, 6th October
Ends: Friday, 4th December

The CARE centre has done wonders for our son and his developmental problems.

Wydeman & Chantel

Since my daughter started at CARE she has grown into an interactive, playful and happy child who has learnt to communicate through Makaton signing and PECS alternative communication.


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