Thinking in Pictures

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is possibly one of the most famous individuals living with autism in the world. In this book, she provides insight into visual thinking and the way in which the autistic brain works from both a professional and personal perspective.

The Way I See It

Temple Grandin

Another book by Grandin, this book provides practical information for parents and caregivers as well as insight into individuals with autism and what works best for them.

The Reason I Jump

Naoki Higashida

This New York Times bestselling book is written by a 13-year-old boy with Autism and provides exceptional insight into the condition. Even though Naoki is non-verbal, he is clearly able to express abstract thoughts and ideas by painstakingly using an alphabet grid to construct words and sentences.

George & Sam: Two Boys, One Family and Autism

Charlotte Moore

Journalist Charlotte Moore has three children, George, Sam and Jake. George and Sam are autistic. Moore’s book takes the reader from the births of each of the two boys, through to diagnosis, interventions, schooling and beyond.

The Siege: A Family’s Journey into the World of an Autistic Child

Clara Claiborne Park

At two, Jessy was withdrawn, unable to walk or talk, yet content within the invisible walls that surrounded her. This moving book records the challenges and rewards of the first eight years of Jessy’s life.

Running With Walker: A Memoir

Robert Hughes

College professor Hughes describes how he and his wife coped when they came to realise that their little boy was not like other children.

At CARE, they are passionate about teaching our extraordinary kids to do ordinary things


The kindness and professionalism of staff at C.A.R.E are amazing and my daughter has blossomed so much in the 3 years she has been there. She receives top quality therapy and amazing one-on-one attention.


For the past 3 years, both of our autistic daughters have been attending CARE- with excellent results. It is our view that none of this would have been possible without the dedication and commitment of Rozanna and the CARE team.

Stefan and Michelle

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